Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hair Loss Nutrition

Apart from vitamins, amino acids play a major role in hair thickening system. This was found by the researchers, when they experimented with animals. For example, when rats were fed with a food that are less in magnesium, loss of hair in bunches were noticed. This happened due to the absence of the follicle stimulating hormone. The absence of B-complex vitamin diet causes more serious problems in hair loss. Again when researches were made with rats, fed with a food low in vitamins like biotin, they even became hairless.

This proves the need of vitamins and amino acid in the diet consumed by the humans. This experiment condition was founded to be reversible when the food rich in vitamins and amino acids were given to the rats. When the rats were fed a diet that was rich in vitamin, and nutrition, it resulted in the complete restoration of hair. This case is even proved in the humans treated by highly nutritious diet.

Excess intake of hair loss nutrition and vitamins through supplements results in stimulating hair growth. Men deficient in vitamin B6 lose their hair and their deficiency in folic acid, may cause complete baldness. When normal diet in the presence of these vitamins is maintained, the hair is restored in most instances. Similarly, large doses of vitamin A for a long period can also trigger hair loss, and stopping the consumption of vitamin A will reverse the problem.

When there is hair loss due to deficiency, the hair grows back when the deficiency is corrected. Vitamin E and Vitamin C is also essential for hair growth. Cysteine and Methionine are the most required amino acids that stimulate the follicles in the hair and improves hair growth rate. Co enzyme Q10 is another nutrition that helps in oxygenation and scalp circulation. Fatty acids are also found to be essential.

Poor nutrition, stress (both mental and physical) and hereditary are the main cause of hair loss. Many natural fruits like berries contain hair loss nutrition that may be taken as supplements along with the food. Genetically intake of nutrition can stimulate the air follicle cell is proven and nutrition helps in oxygenating the scalp circulatory system.

Proteins and iron are also hair loss nutrition helping in the restoration of hair in the case of baldness. Iron content diet basically thickens the follicle system and the root of the hair. The hair loss is prevented by the consumption of these nutrition and vitamins, only when the cause of hair loss is due to the deficiency of these natural components.