Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Men's Facial Cleanser

Do you know why it is that you cannot find a men's facial cleanser on the market that will address the specific problems that you have? The answer is that the products that you have been using have not been designed in order to benefit you. You are actually using the same products that you wife or girlfriend has been faithfully using.

Don’t let the “manly” looking design of the products packaging fool you, because this is simply a ruse by the cosmetics companies in order to draw you into thinking that they truly care about the skin care problems that you have. The cosmetics industry is and always has been focused solely on the problems that women face.

The fact is that it has only been over the last two or three decades that any of these companies really had to begin thinking of putting out a product such as a men's facial cleanser, because before that very few men really concentrated on taking good care of their skin. It was usually just shower, shave, and go. When men began to become more interested in skin care the cosmetics industry did little to change their products.

Since the men buying skin care products only made up a tiny percentage of the overall business for the industry why should they concentrate a lot of time and effort to develop a specific formula? Just mix up a new scent, and throw it in a new package and everyone thinks that it is a specifically designed product when in fact it is not. You don’t want to use a men's facial cleanser that was offered to you by one of the major cosmetics companies anyway, because whether you are male or female you are being shortchanged.

The ingredients that they use in their skin care formulas are not effective for treating any kind of skin, and they hold the danger of presenting unwanted health effects. These companies use chemical agents in their skin care products when instead they should be using all natural ingredients that will treat the redness, irritation, and dry, itchy skin that men often suffer as the result of the daily shaving ritual that most of you have to endure.

What ingredients would I recommend that a skin care product have in order to alleviate your special problems? Effective ingredients to look for in men's facial cleanser macadamia oil, Shea butter, and allantoin. Macadamia oil will provide your skin with the moisture that it needs. Shea butter is also an excellent emollient for moisturizing your skin and along with allantoin will soothe your skin’s inflammation.


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