Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Clean Your Lungs Even If You Are Still Smoking

Each time you take a breath, life giving oxygen is drawn into the lungs. Once inside these tiny chambers, oxygen is exchanged to the red blood cells in exchange for carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide waste is eliminated from your body each time you exhale. This process takes place about 17,000 times each day.

In order to allow oxygen into your blood stream and get rid of the carbon dioxide , the minute air chambers in your lungs have to be kept clear and free of impurities and sediments that can obstruct the tiny air passages and impede the oxygen or carbon dioxide exchange. In an effort to maintain these tiny air ways and keep them clear, your lungs contain a great deal of tiny hair like stalks called cilia. The cilia clean your lungs by constantly sweeping impurities and deposits out of the air ways to clean your lungs and keep them clear.

Every time you smoke, poisonous substances and chemicals are drawn deep into your lungs. If you just smoke the occasional cigarette, the cilia can comfortably do their job and clean your lungs. But if you chain smoke, the cilia are not able to efficiently do their job and clean your lungs. As you continue to smoke, more and more of the tiny cilia are damaged, this makes the cleaning process even more difficult. Over time, toxins from cigarette smoke begin to block the microscopic air passages.

Because there are fewer healthy cilia, they are no longer able to clean your lungs effectively. So your body resorts to an alternative approach in an attempt to clean your lungs; a cough. Your smokers cough is your body's way of assisting the cilia to keep yopur lungs clear. So, what are your options if have an awful cough? The solution is simple. You should help your body clean your lungs. You can do this by using a secret combination of food supplements and vitamins that whisk the chemicals out of your lungs and flush them out of your system. This easy process will clean your lungs fifteen to twenty times faster than your body can do it on its own.