Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Stop Drinking Now

The first and most significant thing you must do now to show to yourself and everyone around you that you are really serious to quit alcohol is to get rid of alcoholic drinks from your vicinity. Eliminate them from your refrigerator and in your bedroom. Make sure that you do this. This is the first step to wining the war against booze. Irrespective of the measures you apply, without eliminating the bottles, you will lose the battle. When you do this, you are protecting yourself from falling back into your old way of life.

After getting rid of the bottles and your alcoholic friends, you need to find a replacement for them. This means that you need to get new friends and get involved in activities that will not tempt you to drink. It is recommended that you look for and join social or religious activities in your area or on the web. You need an activity that will take your mind away from booze. There you have them guidelines on how to quit alcohol right now. You can see that they do not call for any money. Only determination is needed.


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