Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your Brain Needs The Exercise

What he needs is exercise. Which is why numerous health experts and talk shows have been giving a lot of weight loss information on how to motivate about wearing those gym shoes and renewing membership fees in order to get people going and moving. Where do can we start? The thing is, our body would not move if our minds are not up to it.

It is all about knowing the basics of exercise information. Our bodies are like machines which needs maintenance in order to keep it going. Our brain needs to function as well as our bodies. Without a focused brain, there would not be a driven body. Without a tough mind, there would not be a tough heart. They said that “All work and now play makes Jack a dull boy.” Similarly, a person who does not exercise nor stimulate his mind will make him both dull and dumb.

If there are numerous ways to have total body workouts, there are numerous ways to stimulate the mind. For one, simple tasks like puzzles and Sudoku are enough to keep your brain moving. Now, there is whole new bunch of computer technology which allows people to be quick on their thinking toes virtual games which stimulate attention, mental alertness, memory and critical thinking skills.

Recently, a new exercise workout has been developed which incorporates both cognitive stimulation and physical exercise in the virtual training programs. Now that is a true workout. Even though people are busy these days, it is enough that they see numerous billboards and advertisements with thin reed models or perfectly sculpted bodies to make them feel guilty. We see companies selling products to improve and enhance both our physical and mental well being.


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