Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What are Hemorrhoids?

What do hemorrhoids come from? Well the lining of the anus contains three soft, spongy tissue pads that prevent faeces from passing out until you go the toilet. The lining of the gut is inside the anus is very slimy so that stools can pass out easily. However these soft pads contain a network of tiny blood vessels which is where piles begin to occur.

When do hemorrhoids occur? Piles occur when one of the soft tissue pads has slipped downwards slightly, due to the surrounding tissue not holding it in place properly. When this occurs, the tiny blood vessels within the cushion become engorged with blood, swelling up. Then when stools are passed, the pile is pushed further down the anus, even to the outside this is called a prolapsed pile. However there are three types of piles. First degree piles are swollen cushions that always remain within in the anus and these are often painless. Second degree piles are pushed down e.g. prolapsed, when stools are passed, but return to their original position. This results in temporary discomfort when passing a stool.

Third degree piles are ones that when pushed down remain prolapsed when stools are passed, however they do not go back by themselves after the stool has been passed. Who gets piles? Piles can occur to anyone at any age at any age (trust me on that one!). However they are more common in older people afflicting both men and women. Sadly most people will suffer piles at some time in life. Many occur just temporarily, but others will suffer for prolonged periods, which is not nice. Mostly the affect older people and those in pregnancy. Piles can also result from straining hard to pass stools when constipated which is more likely due to you diet.


lina@happy family said...

My husband has this condition. It usually occurs when he eats too many spicy food.